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Nick Leeson's Receding Hareline

We are always on the lookout for new hares and new places to run, if you like to set a run contact the hareline (see Contacts) for a date.

As a general guidelines, all members should try to set a run at least once a year.


Past and coming runs:

Run Date Hares Venue
638 11-Jan-09 Romans  
639 01-Feb-09 Chinese Families CNY Run
640 08-Feb-09 Supertoad, Fat Face, & Hash Cat Abe's B'day Run
641 22-Feb-09 Beushausens Awards Run
642 08-Mar-09 Lilligs  
643 22-Mar-09 Blue-Yi B'day Run
644 05-Apr-09 Joosas ??? Easter Run
645 19-Apr-09 Harhalakis' & Prestons B'day Run
646 03-May-09 Dutch Families (Boer's on Point) Queen's Day Run
647 17-May-09    
648 31-May-09    
649 14-Jun-09 Carlos' Maia's B'day Run
650 28-Jun-09    
651 12-Jul-09 Boertjes, Szpoj's Bt Timah Railway Station
652 26-Jul-09 Ronaldinho, Flash and Scooby Doo Upper Peirce Reservoir
653 16-Aug-09 Supertoad, Hash Cat, Fatface Sunset Way playground
654 23-Aug-09 Kevin/Kara Stanlake, Ren Hao Venus Drive
655 06-Sep-09 Crawfords Old Holland Road
656 20-Sep-09 Committee Chinese Garden
657 04-Oct-09    
658 18-Oct-09    
659 01-Nov-09    
660 15-Nov-09    
661 29-Nov-09    
662 13-Dec-09    
663 27-Dec-09    
664 10-Jan-10 Beasty Kids Jalan Kampong Chantek
665 24-Jan-10 Ectons Chestnut Ave
666 07-Feb-10 Prestons Dairy Farm
667 21-Feb-10 Chinese Families Venus Drive
668 07-Mar-10 Supertoad and Fatface Westbourne Road
669 21-Mar-10 Saffron Lee, Gausons, Debbie Too

Mayfair Park, Hua Guan Ave


670 04-Apr-10 Calabros, Einstein, Hash House Hamster Ewart Park
671 18-Apr-10    
672 02-May-10    
673 16-May-10    
674 30-May-10    
675 13-June-10